These Pictures are a bit blurry but here goes my story behind them. Tonight my good friend Pete and I went to the last show of August Burns Red tour ft. Of Mice and Men , The Morale and The Overseer. Of Mice and Men started playing and my friend and I started head banging and going crazy. We weren’t in the pit instead we were at the Balcony. We saw Austin leaving the stage and we had no idea where he went. My Friend Pete taps my shoulder and told be to turn around. As soon as I turn around all I see is Austin standing next me and screaming into the crowd. He looked at me and smiled at my friend and I. He winked at me and pointed at my shirt. Which as an Aspire and Create Shirt. He ran back to the stage. The second time during Product Of A Murderer he ran up the balcony again. He high fived my friend and I and looked at us and mouthed to us ” Watch This” We looked at him and then out of no where he jumped into the crowd . What an amazing show and can’t believe we were standing next to him.